Take ADVANTAGE and upgrade your home to SAVE on energy!

This innovative program uses building science principles to determine what kinds of energy efficiency measures will make the most difference—and then applies a forecasted savings to determine eligibility and justify the investment.

Prospective program participants will receive an onsite visit from a Certified Energy Inspector who will conduct a thorough assessment of all the components that impact their home’s energy efficiency. Calculations are made and then verified with local service providers that are part of the Co-op’s Quality Contractor Network. 

After a contractor installs the measures, AEC conducts a final assessment to ensure that the equipment is performing to the extent specified.

A cost-recovery tariff will be added to the participating member’s electric bill each month beginning with the next billing cycle immediately after the project is completed; this “on-bill cost recovery” takes the form of a tariff—typically for a period of up to 10 years. After all the initial investment has been re-paid via this tariff, the program participant receives 100% of the additional energy savings from that point forward. 

The program has a simple structure, with only a few common-sense rules to follow.

U-Save Advantage is designed to keep participating members from having to make large upfront investments. 

The cost recovery charge is a tariff and is integrated into the amount of the monthly electric bill; unless arrangements are made for an extension, the full amount of each participant’s bill must be paid every month in order to avoid disconnection for non-payment. 

The on-bill tariff is transferrable with the electric service at the property. Sellers must inform new owners to let them know of their responsibility to continue the financial 

This program is available to owners of manufactured homes built in 1982 or later. 

Equipment replaced under the U-Save Advantage program must be ENERGY STAR-rated. 

AEC is investing in our members, to help them see energy savings.

Folks who would otherwise not qualify for traditional programs to make energy efficiency home upgrades now have a way to get the help they need to lower their electric bills—without having to qualify for loans or incur debt.

Available to all residential members of the Co-op, the U-Save Advantage program covers these efficiency improvements (HVAC replacement, air sealing, adding insulation, duct repair/replacement, etc.) through the tariff associated with forecasted savings. Co-op members will not be required to qualify for or take on consumer debt in order to benefit from the program.  

Designed with an eye toward helping members with “energy intensive” use patterns—those with higher-than-average kWh consumption during summer and winter—this program represents the best opportunity for many folks to finally “get ahead” of energy costs. 

*Savings are not guaranteed. For example, if program participants were to drastically alter energy usage patterns, it is conceivable that it could negate the forecasted savings. 

For additional information on the Co-op U-Save Advantage Program or to schedule a home inspection to see if you qualify for the program, contact AEC’s Member Services Department at ext. 1880.