On this page you will find information on the TVA Fuel Cost Adjustment, how it affects you, as well as other useful information and links to learn more and get assistance.

These are the actual residential rates approved by TVA for August 2021 and August 2022. The fuel cost adjustment is the large increase to the bill.


The charts below shows a comparison of the increase in a bill based on Kwh used in a month. Locate the Kwh on the left hand column that is closest to your usage to get an approximation of the change in your bill from August 2021 to August 2022.







Below is a list of useful links to provide more information and assistance!

Understanding My Bill

AEC Monthly Rates

Energy Assistance  - Douglas Cherokee Economic Authority 

Hamblen County - 423-586-9431

Jefferson County - 865-475-4745

Grainger County - 865-828-5228

Sevier County - 865-453-7132

AEC Energy Efficiency Audit

TVA Complaint Resolution

AEC Contact Information - 865-475-2032 ext. 1810