New Homes

New Homes Program

This program is designed to help Co-op members who are building new homes gain energy efficiency from the ground up.

Regardless of your new home’s location or size, make sure that your building plans include the AEC solutions that will help you get the most from your construction budget — and from your energy dollars.

Electric Service

If you build an all-electric new home with an electric heat pump, an electric water heater, an electric range and an electric dryer, you may qualify to have the URD secondary aid-to-construction fee waived — which would save you up to $655 and may also qualify for the elimination of the $50 service connection fee.

Insulation Requirements

The insulation requirements for the attic are a minimum R-38 and for the walls the minimum required amount is R-13. 

Quality Inspection Service

Be assured that AEC’s certified energy inspector will provide you with expert advice on program guidelines and installation measures, saving you money and delivering satisfaction.

Cash Incentives

There are a variety of valuable incentives available through the New Homes Program.

Property owners/contractors may receive up to $1,300 or more in incentives by building a home to AEC and local building code standards.

Before the drywall is in place, call AEC’s Energy Inspector, Ken Coffey, at 865-719-8322. He will come out and conduct an inspection to determine if your home meets these standards.

New Homes Electrification Options

All Electric / EV Charging $600
All Electric Home $500
Electric Heat Pump & Water Heater $400
Electric Heat Pump Only $350
Dual Fuel Heat Pump & Electric Water Heater $300
Dual Fuel Heat Pump Only $250
Mini-Split (Whole Home) $200
Electric Water Heater Only $100

* Program guidelines require a minimum 14 SEER on all HVAC units and a minimum 50 gallon electric water heater.

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