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Knowing what’s important to you and what you think of the service we provide is key to staying relevant and continually improving. Nothing matters more to the folks here at the Co-op than finding new ways to serve you better.

Through our affiliation with Touchstone Energy, we participate in what’s called “The National Survey on the Cooperative Difference.” Telephone responses provided by a statistically-significant sample of our members are used to quantify and critique our performance as a service provider. From those results, we’re able to ascertain the level of member satisfaction and engagement—which, in turn, points us toward those areas that need to be our focus in the future.


As part of the 2016-2017 National Survey on the Cooperative Difference, AEC members were asked to rate the Co-op’s performance in three key areas. In a brief snapshot, here are the three metrics within each area that received both the highest and lowest scores.


Perceived strengths | Areas of challenge

Provides reliable service | Informs you when working in the area

Restores power quickly | Helps you learn to manage energy use

Handles complaints promptly | Communicates about costs


Perceived strengths | Areas of challenge

Is a name that can always be trusted | Does more to control rising prices than other companies

Improves the quality of life in the community | Inspires you to use electricity efficiently

Provides good value for the money spent | Provides electricity at lowest cost


Perceived strengths | Areas of challenge

Helps prepare for/responds to natural disasters | Advocates for national issues like affordable energy

Supports services like fire and rescue | Supports foundations that give back to the community

Offers energy efficiency programs | Works to attract and retain local businesses and jobs

Survey results were analyzed in such a way as to compare AEC’s “satisfaction and retention” scores with other utilities and cooperatives around the nation, as part of the nationally-recognized American Customer Satisfaction Index. We are very pleased with our overall 2017 ACSI score of 82, which was an improvement from 2015, when our score was 80.

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