This plan allows residential members who have been established at current locations for twelve months or longer to pay an average monthly amount no matter the cost of the actual bill. Sign-up for participation in the plan is allowed from April 1 through October 31, each year. The Levelized Billing amount will be calculated as follows: previous 12 month kWh usage, multiplied by the current retail rates, then multiplied by 1.05. This amount, plus the base customer charges will be divided by 12 months. This will equal the Levelized Billing amount. This payment is reviewed monthly with the above formula plus any balance and if warranted, the payment adjusted. For further information about the Levelized Billing option, contact extension 1810.

The meter will continue to be read each month, and the member’s actual usage will be used to reconcile their account. The Levelized Billing Program is subject to cancelation at any time due to:

  •  Termination of electric service by the customer.
  • Failure to make any payment within 10 days after the due date.
  • Upon request by either party.