Ballots for Districts 3 and 8 will be mailed to the membership before September 9, so be on the lookout! District 7 remains uncontested for the 2023 election.


2023 AEC Board Election Deadlines and Information

Nominations accepted from the membership:

June 9 - July 24, 2023 (Nominations are now closed).

Requires petition form with 50 or more signatures.

Nominating committee has posted nominations and candidates for this election:

August 8, 2023

83rd Annual Membership Meeting

October 7, 2023

Board seats representing districts 3, 7 and 8 are open for election in 2023.

Click here to view the districts map.

Following are the qualifications for a Director or a Director Candidate as laid out by AEC's Bylaws.

4.2 Qualifications. A Director or Director Candidate must comply with this Bylaw.

  1. General Director Qualifications

To become or remain a Director, a Person must comply with the following general qualifications (“General Director Qualifications”): (1) be an individual; (2) be at least eighteen years of age and have the capacity to enter legally binding contracts; (3) while a Director, and during the five years immediately before becoming a Director, not: (A) be convicted of any felony, or any Class A or B misdemeanor; and (B) plead guilty to any felony or Class A or B misdemeanor; (4) for all new Directors elected or appointed after May 2009, except as otherwise provided by the Board for good cause, receive a Credentialed Cooperative Director designation, Director’s Certificate, or similar certification from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association within three years of becoming a Director; (5) except as otherwise provided under Section 4.8.B, any Director who misses three consecutive meetings or a total of five meetings within any period of twelve months shall be ineligible to remain as a Director; and (6) comply with any other reasonable qualifications determined by the Board or the Members.

  1. Membership Director Qualifications

To become or remain a Director, an individual must comply with the following qualifications (“Director Qualifications”): (1) while a Director, be a Member of the Cooperative; and Reflecting Board Actions through April 2018 Page 14 (2) while a Director and during the one year immediately before becoming a Director: (A) be an unsuspended Member; (B) for at least six months each calendar year, personally Occupy and Receive electric service at the individual’s primary residential abode, which abode must be within the Director District from which the Director is nominated, elected and/or appointed; (3) be elected by the membership or appointed by the Board.


To see the comprehensive scope of AEC Bylaws regarding Directors, please review Article IV. You can find the Bylaws in their entirety here. For your convenience, you may also pick up a hard copy of AEC Bylaws during regular office hours.